Mayor Guthrie wants more infill projects close to downtown


Guelph’s mayor wants to see more “hat tricks” and he isn’t talking about hockey.

Cam Guthrie was a part of a ground breaking ceremony Tuesday morning at the site of the old Biltmore Hat Factory at the corner of York Road and Morris Street, which will soon feature townhomes thanks to a project by Gemini Homes.

In an interview with CJOY News, he called the project a hat trick.

“You’ve got close to downtown, you’ve got a really good environmental build, and it’s an infill,” Guthrie explained.

And infill is something Guthrie wants to see more of close to the downtown core.

“People have a demand to live in the downtown, they want a walkability-type of community where they can get the amenities that they need,” he said. “Having an infill project close to the downtown is something we of course champion.”

The Biltmore Hat Factory stood at the corner from 1919 until just recently. According to Gemini, the plan is to take inspiration from the 20th century industrial architecture to introduce a row of homes with 1966 to 2025 square foot units that should go on sale this fall.

“In recent years, Downtown Guelph has experienced a revitalization as investment and new residences have been built in the core,” Gemini said in media release. “This trend will continue to become an area in the city that people want to live.”

For his part and city council, Guthrie said they are trying to make things easier at City Hall when it comes to infill projects.

“We’re making sure our processes at City Hall are becoming a lot faster and quicker,” he stressed while adding Gemini is actually working with city planners to figure out ways to make things easier for developers.